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"What inspired you to start a cannoli shop?" is a question Steve Del Gardo is asked often. With a dream and a desire to bring something to Northern Kentucky that's never been done before, Del Gardo's Cannoli Bar was born. 

Steve's passion for creating cannoli can be seen and felt throughout the modern, yet intimate space located in the heart of Covington, KY. ​Offering Italian Fine Wines, Premium Craft Beers, and over 80 unique artisan cannoli flavors, Del Gardo's Cannoli Bar is Covington's first and only dessert destination. 


Featuring idyllic images of the Italian coast and graffiti art from local graffiti artist, KAOS, Del Gardo's Cannoli Bar is a refreshing take on what dessert can and should be.  

 Steve and his wonderful staff make every person who walks through the door feel like family. Often taking the time to sit down and chat with each person that walks in, you'll leave with more than just a full stomach but a full heart as well. 


Looking for a private and exclusive experience in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati? Del Gardo's Cannoli Bar is now offering cannoli making classes. Learn more about cannoli making classes on our Instagram and Facebook or click the "Cannoli Making Class" tab! 

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